My first shameless promotion

“Without promotion, something terrible happens… Nothing!” –  P.T Barnum

One of my favorite quotes by Barnum, but never has it applied to me as much as it has now.  Creative juices flowing, I decided to stop being selfish with my talents and start getting out there and sharing them. I love creating, experimenting, living, learning and all that good stuff, what better way is there to share your talents than the great WORLD WIDE WEB. I’ve been thinking about creating YouTube videos for a while but was too scared of the possibility of negative reactions from others towards myself, perhaps I was more scared of my own negative thoughts of myself. My phobias of not being adequate enough stopped me from perusing my dreams on many occasions, but NOT TODAY BOO BOOOOO!

My YouTube account is finally LIVE and running (years after conception I must admit) with its first lonely video. A recipe that I had visualized in a dream and had to recreate. Absolutely crazy right? But it is the most genius thing ever. Who would of thought that a snooze would lead to the creation of smooth and luxurious snack/frosting. Yum. Yum. Yum


2 thoughts on “My first shameless promotion

  1. I can completely relate to this, Mimi! I’ve only just started my YouTube channel too, and had previously been putting it off for exactly the same reason as you. But totally agree with you – it would totally suck to realise in 20 years or so that I hadn’t pursued the things I’m passionate about because I was scared of what people would think…! Love your blog by the way – off to check out your video now 🙂

    • Hey Polly, Its nice to know that someone else is in the same boat as me. I am yet to upload new content as I still have that niggling doubt feeling but I guess we both have to stamp that out don’t we? You’re totally right, even in a years time I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I passed this offer up now. We live in a digitally enhanced era and are digital natives, right now we are in our element! I have just checked out your blog and absolutely LOVE it also. Can’t wait to see new content :p

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