No, it’s not fancy. No. It hasn’t come in place of a free holiday or a brand new car. If you’re waiting for a sign, that things will look up and get better for you. This is it.

This is it, in it’s pure and rawest form. I know it’s not as exciting as walking down the street and stumbling across the winning lottery ticket valued at X amount of money or being handed a brand new puppy (I would love either.. Ha)

Whether it be getting a new haircut, sacking your boss, booking that new holiday, ordering the new LongChamp Tote bag that you’ve had your eye on or in my case conquering my phobia of publicity and being noticed. Don’t prolong your duties. Don’t wait any longer. Exile your excuses, because you are awesome enough, talented enough, beautiful and bold enough to achieve what your dreams. This is what you need in order to achieve greatness that you deserve, a plain and boring sign. So if you was looking for one, THIS is it.

Mimi x


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