My current favourite: SS14 Scent

I am so sorry about the delay in posts, I have recently acquired a loss in my family and had slightly lost the inspiration to post as regularly as I had done before.

Libertine: noun

  1.  a person who freely indulges in sensual pleasures, without regard to moral restraints.
  2.  a freethinker

20140327-152809.jpg Recently I have been ever so obsessed with The Body Shop’s new white musk scent, I had always loved the smell of The Body Shop’s White Musk range but it was a bit too heavy. Plus… Not to mention it did smell a bit old lol, as much as I loved the strong scent it does remind me of the inside of my hipster Nan’s handbag (her handbag and clothes always smell good).

Due to the heaviness of the pure musk I had never been interested in the original scent for my own personal use, but recently I had acquired  this new white musk scent and haven’t looked back. So I had received this gift set for my birthday last month (March 25th keep it in your calendars ^.^), after spending a little over two weeks trying it I am now more than happy to share it with you all.  I must admit I have actually fallen in love with it, although it isn’t a shock to me as  I have always been a big fan of their products as they use natural ingredients.

This is the White Musk Libertine set, and although I’m not sure if you could purchase this as a ready made gift hamper, but if you ask I guess they would happily do it for you. This is my first time using a Musk from The Body shop as I normally rear towards the fruitier products, soaps and butters such as the Pink Grapefruit, Mango and Passionfruit products, but the Libertine range  is absolutely beautiful. The scent is young, yet sensual and light floral musk with a turkish delight undertone , that is perfect for those who do not like overpowering scents.


unnamed The Eau De Toilette is super durable and would last all day alone, but combined with the lotion it amplifies the scent. What I love about this set the most, not only is it light and very moisturising on the skin but it’s also not greasy either. In terms of the shower products in the set, It came with a pair of exfoliating gloves and a soap-free shower gel. I cannot stress how big of a fan I am when it comes to exfoliating the skin, as it removes all of the dead skin cells which is perfect for soft supple skin.  The soap free shower gel is also perfect for those who have sensitive skin like me, as it is void of the harsh chemicals used to create the lather that we all love, BUT it lathers like any other soapy gel.

In a nutshell I highly recommend this range, and if anyone else has tried it I would love to hear your opinions and views in the comments below.


Mimi xox


11 thoughts on “My current favourite: SS14 Scent

  1. Great thoughts but I’m so taken with the back drop of the products. Vivid colors and beautiful prints. I love the layout. I look forward to more of your posts!

    • A-ha! You must smell amazeballs too then haha. Thank you so much, I wouldn’t say perfect, but again thank you :p Your blog is really amazing too. I mean after reading your blog you really have sold Puchong to me.. That might have to be my next visit :p

      • Haha don’t feel vain, be happy that we smell good! And if anybody asks about your vanity, repeat after me: I’m not arrogant, Im confident hahah (my motto of the year). I guess my Motto could be seen as rather pretentious but who cares.. YOLO right? Ah yes! I would love to visit Kenya, it is definitely on my bucket list. It looks so beautiful. Do you currently live in Puchong?

      • That’s my motto from now on! Mimi your just too cool!!:-)
        I actually just moved to Puchong recently, I was staying kinda near it though!:-) Now you have Kenya and Malaysia (Puchong) to visit on your bucket list!
        Where are you staying?:-)

      • Yes thats more like it! Together we could create a new pretentious world of super confident beings haha (The world needs more of them and I’m happy someone else is on the bandwagon haha) (:
        Where about did you live before? I don’t know why but I was first under the impression that you was from the US.
        They’re now both on the top of my bucket list, following with Japan at 3rd haha.
        I live in the UK, London to be exact but I travel pretty often. Literally yesterday I was in Turkey… Now I’m back home 😦 .. I have a serious hunger for exploring and adventure (:

      • Haha really? I’ve never been to the U.S:-/ I was still in Malaysia but living in an area called Subang then decided I needed to upgrade myself to Puchong haha! You were in Turkey? Aaah I’m jealous! Wish I knew so I could’ve begged you to fit me in your suitcase!;-)

  2. I always take advantage of the body shop sales and stock up on products. I’m a big fan of white musk, so I decided to try this range instead. I have only tried the body mist though and it smells great. I may buy a gift set on my next beauty haul.

    P.s sorry for your loss.

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