WordPress – Month 2

Ne zamandır kaç zamandır görüşmedik
Long time no see
I must admit, I have missed you all dearly
no matter how long we spend apart

I always find myself behind the screen typing away at another post

As much as I would love to grovel and beg forgiveness for my absence , I have another short adventure to share with you. 🙂

Izmir: noun

1.  The third largest city in Turkey, the second biggest transportation port after Istanbul. A rapidly growing city on the Central Aegean coast of Turkey.

2. Ultimately the definition of perfection.

Recently I have been lucky enough to visit  the beautiful city of Izmir, the Pearl of Aegean – which it fully deserves that title. With its thousand year old history, beautiful architecture and being rich in agriculture, Izmir is fairly underrated. The geographical location provides many tourism advantages; a hot Mediterranean climate 300 days of the year, natural beauty and a rich culture. Standing in the Neo Ancient city, I couldn’t help but fall in love with its detailed and vibrant historic markets and bazaars.

Mmm is Izmir not excellence in its physical form? Perhaps the name alone is just universal impeccability.

One picture is worth one hundred words ten fold:

photo (3)

photo (1)




Mimi xox


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