WordPress – Month 2

Ne zamandır kaç zamandır görüşmedik
Long time no see
I must admit, I have missed you all dearly
no matter how long we spend apart

I always find myself behind the screen typing away at another post

As much as I would love to grovel and beg forgiveness for my absence , I have another short adventure to share with you. 🙂

Izmir: noun

1.  The third largest city in Turkey, the second biggest transportation port after Istanbul. A rapidly growing city on the Central Aegean coast of Turkey.

2. Ultimately the definition of perfection.

Recently I have been lucky enough to visit  the beautiful city of Izmir, the Pearl of Aegean – which it fully deserves that title. With its thousand year old history, beautiful architecture and being rich in agriculture, Izmir is fairly underrated. The geographical location provides many tourism advantages; a hot Mediterranean climate 300 days of the year, natural beauty and a rich culture. Standing in the Neo Ancient city, I couldn’t help but fall in love with its detailed and vibrant historic markets and bazaars.

Mmm is Izmir not excellence in its physical form? Perhaps the name alone is just universal impeccability.

One picture is worth one hundred words ten fold:

photo (3)

photo (1)




Mimi xox


Where have I been?

First things first, before we get to the good stuff I must start this post of with my most sincere, deep and utter heart felt apologies.

I know it has been a very long time since we last spoke which means I have been a very naughty girl in terms of regularity and posting. I am extremely sorry about that but I can promise you that will be no more. (No need to reprimand me) I really need to develop a clear and concise schedule for posting, as my original goal was four times a week.

For those who would like to know, whilst I was away from Sanabazaar I have been involved in other unique projects some of which will generate new content (I hope), plus Im also in the midst of designing and creating a new website/online portfolio.

Heres a little sneak peak at a potential header for the new site:



What do you think? Minimalistic, dark and warm… Isn’t it darling? 

Perhaps I should make an attempt at a Photoshop tutorial…

Mimi x



13 Days in Fethiye

Hoş geldiniz!

I have been oh so excited for this post as I get to share my experiences with you all. Who said working couldn’t be fun? For the past two weeks I have been residing in my beautiful apartment in Turkey, which I still haven’t gotten used to the time change and its only two hours ahead from the UK.

In order to get some work done I have literally converted my living room into a massive workspace, which I absolutely adore. IMG_9269(Although I cannot say anyone is too pleased about that haha)  The apartment is so modern and homely, It almost reminds me of a retro bachelor pad with beautiful high white ceilings and light fixtures. As you could see I easily took into nesting and creating my territory from the moment I had stepped in ^.^







“A picture is worth ten thousand words” Needless to say, these images need no further explanation. I present to you all, ‘A Day in Fethiye’.

I feel so blessed to be able to frequently experience the culture within this welcoming city, everyone is so humble, kind and giving.


Whilst walking along the Fethiye Marina and this little buddy popped over to say  a big ‘Hi’.




A holiday post is definitely not complete without a shameless poolside bikini selfie.. I was the only person poolside by the way. Im not THAT shameless .

Cost: Plane ticket = £££ + Happiness = PRICELESS


I guess the best things in life are free.


Mimi x


DIY Lightbox |Tutorial

Get creative! We have been programmed to do things the fast, easy, costly capitalist way by simply buying the things we need and don’t need. Well, how about taking some time out and having fun and letting those creative juices flow? One way to have fun and save money is to create your own equipment… I mean who needs to buy things when you could make them just as good yourself?


Here I show you how to make an inexpensive and  impressive Lightbox for product photography. Whether you’re a online seller or interested in Macro photography, good lighting is crucial in taking a great clear shot. However being able to properly light an object to highlight it’s true attributes can often be pretty challenging. I know from first hand experience that lighting equipment could be rather expensive. Why spend hundreds of pounds on lighting equipment when all you need is some Sellotape, an empty used box, a ruler, a pencil and a razor blade or scissors. Frugality in it’s greatest form, utilizing household items.

Cost: FREE + creativity

Step 1: Choosing the right box size


First things first, I had used an old Pampers baby wipes box as it was easy accessible (my household goes through many of these boxes). This is a fairly medium sized box, but I would recommend a larger sized box as the size of the box should be appropriate for the size of the objects to be photographed.

Step 2 : Creating the window



Creating a window using your straight edge/ruler would introduce light into the box, so the smaller the window the less light and the larger the window the more light. Remember to cut the windows in relation to the size of your box, I had personally cut my windows an inch into the box to allow the most light coverage.

Step 3: Continuing to create the Lightbox structure


DISCLAIMER : I had forgotten to include a base and  cut windows into all sides of the box, by doing so structure of the Light box becomes very fragile and flimsy. Always remember to leave a side for the base.

Step 4: Covering the windows


(I had strengthened the box using masking tape, as the box was not as strong as I had anticipated)

As I had A LOT of plain white paper in my printer I experimented by using it paper in opposed to muslin cloth. This kept the  tutorial ‘housebound’ for easy access as I had used plain A4 paper for my diffuse. The white paper is excellent enough to reflect light, and penetrable enough to let light in.

I had originally created the light-box with the intentions of using natural daylight only (hence the size and the amount of windows) but any form of lighting can be used. E.g flashbulbs, photo lights, ring flashes or standard desk lamps.

Here are a few test shots showing the results of the light-box created, none of these photos have been manipulated by retouching. The light-box was placed on an open window ledge using natural daylight.

IMG_8341 20140321-225805.jpg

VS Ring flash

IMG_8338 IMG_8339

If you enjoyed this and would like to see more follow me!

Mimi x