1st Sunday of June

Hello my Darlings!

It has been a little while, well twelve days to be exact. I know what you are thinking… Naughty but I have the time to share with you something amazing and it all started in the “Great North Wood”, home/former of the great Adele, Sir Sidney Colvin, Ken Livingstone, Andy Zaltzman and the Noisettes!

Have you ever heard of the West Norwood Feast Festival? No… Well neither had I to be completely honest with you and I have lived in the vicinity of West Norwood for the past ten years of my life. Does that make me a bad person?  How could I continue with life not knowing about the spectacular monthly market street festival, a platform that exudes passion, community and all things fabulously British? I don’t know, but I am surely glad I found out about it.


Of course I just had to document my visit to the ‘Food Fair’ section of the Feast festival.. Out of all it is common courtesy.



It was absolute torture being surrounded by such amazing food and such delicate cakes, I wanted to kidnap each stall and gobble them all up.. That is normal right?





The ‘Salted Chocolate Caramel’ mini cake screamed out to me and I had to buy it, It was so soft and moist, decadent yet light on the palette and filled with salted caramel goodness!  The fresh fruits accented the treats so well that I just had to buy another.. It was a necessity.



Rounding up the festivities I joined in on the 50’s dancing to work of the cake that I had devoured, the amazing Diamond Jive had taught me a thing or two with the retro dance steps.

If you are in the area or not, I highly recommend dropping down to visit the West Norwood Feast on the first Sunday of every month. The next is July 6th, I hope to see you there.


Mimi x








Kate Moss for Topshop 2014

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 12.26.59


As of tuesday night Kate Moss had officially stopped the streets of London and marked her long awaited return to Topshop  as a designer after 4 years. And I am extremely  happy to tell you all that I attended… Jealous yet? The gorgeous model unveiled her modish collection at Topshop’s Oxford Street Flagship store and I must admit I was slightly star struck, for 40 years old she really didn’t look a day over 28 and she shows absolutely no sign of giving up the supermodel life. Who blames her, she looks absolutely amazing.

The pavements of Oxford Street were absolutely flooded by what seemed like thousands of excited people waiting to get their hands on Kate Moss’s latest collection.

photo 4


(I apologise for the terrible picture as my camera battery had died)

I must admit the whole experience on a whole was pretty lovely, Kate had came out and gracefully opened the collection which was followed by live house music by various UK recording artists. Embodies the vibe of Topshop, does it not?


Here are a few of my favourites from the current season, as unfortunately I couldn’t pick them all.. 



Congratulations Ms. Moss on the success of the brand launch and the deal with Net-A-Porter. Bringing The HighStreet to Designer est 2014.



Mimi x




My current favourite: SS14 Scent

I am so sorry about the delay in posts, I have recently acquired a loss in my family and had slightly lost the inspiration to post as regularly as I had done before.

Libertine: noun

  1.  a person who freely indulges in sensual pleasures, without regard to moral restraints.
  2.  a freethinker

20140327-152809.jpg Recently I have been ever so obsessed with The Body Shop’s new white musk scent, I had always loved the smell of The Body Shop’s White Musk range but it was a bit too heavy. Plus… Not to mention it did smell a bit old lol, as much as I loved the strong scent it does remind me of the inside of my hipster Nan’s handbag (her handbag and clothes always smell good).

Due to the heaviness of the pure musk I had never been interested in the original scent for my own personal use, but recently I had acquired  this new white musk scent and haven’t looked back. So I had received this gift set for my birthday last month (March 25th keep it in your calendars ^.^), after spending a little over two weeks trying it I am now more than happy to share it with you all.  I must admit I have actually fallen in love with it, although it isn’t a shock to me as  I have always been a big fan of their products as they use natural ingredients.

This is the White Musk Libertine set, and although I’m not sure if you could purchase this as a ready made gift hamper, but if you ask I guess they would happily do it for you. This is my first time using a Musk from The Body shop as I normally rear towards the fruitier products, soaps and butters such as the Pink Grapefruit, Mango and Passionfruit products, but the Libertine range  is absolutely beautiful. The scent is young, yet sensual and light floral musk with a turkish delight undertone , that is perfect for those who do not like overpowering scents.


unnamed The Eau De Toilette is super durable and would last all day alone, but combined with the lotion it amplifies the scent. What I love about this set the most, not only is it light and very moisturising on the skin but it’s also not greasy either. In terms of the shower products in the set, It came with a pair of exfoliating gloves and a soap-free shower gel. I cannot stress how big of a fan I am when it comes to exfoliating the skin, as it removes all of the dead skin cells which is perfect for soft supple skin.  The soap free shower gel is also perfect for those who have sensitive skin like me, as it is void of the harsh chemicals used to create the lather that we all love, BUT it lathers like any other soapy gel.

In a nutshell I highly recommend this range, and if anyone else has tried it I would love to hear your opinions and views in the comments below.


Mimi xox