1st Sunday of June

Hello my Darlings!

It has been a little while, well twelve days to be exact. I know what you are thinking… Naughty but I have the time to share with you something amazing and it all started in the “Great North Wood”, home/former of the great Adele, Sir Sidney Colvin, Ken Livingstone, Andy Zaltzman and the Noisettes!

Have you ever heard of the West Norwood Feast Festival? No… Well neither had I to be completely honest with you and I have lived in the vicinity of West Norwood for the past ten years of my life. Does that make me a bad person?  How could I continue with life not knowing about the spectacular monthly market street festival, a platform that exudes passion, community and all things fabulously British? I don’t know, but I am surely glad I found out about it.


Of course I just had to document my visit to the ‘Food Fair’ section of the Feast festival.. Out of all it is common courtesy.



It was absolute torture being surrounded by such amazing food and such delicate cakes, I wanted to kidnap each stall and gobble them all up.. That is normal right?





The ‘Salted Chocolate Caramel’ mini cake screamed out to me and I had to buy it, It was so soft and moist, decadent yet light on the palette and filled with salted caramel goodness!  The fresh fruits accented the treats so well that I just had to buy another.. It was a necessity.



Rounding up the festivities I joined in on the 50’s dancing to work of the cake that I had devoured, the amazing Diamond Jive had taught me a thing or two with the retro dance steps.

If you are in the area or not, I highly recommend dropping down to visit the West Norwood Feast on the first Sunday of every month. The next is July 6th, I hope to see you there.


Mimi x








Sanabazaar gets a new makeover?



Hey everyone, are you liking the new look?  Yes… Err no? Well I most certainly do. Sanabazaar has received a brand new makeover (tadaaa) and it was much needed to be completely honest.  As much as I loved the personality of my old Bushwick theme, it wasn’t really suitable for the style of posts that I write nor was it suitable for mobile usage either. The old theme was a bit clunky, dark and  pretty complicated in terms of viewing which isn’t what I had envisioned when I had first started blogging.

I am extremely pleased with the new layout of this theme, as it is bright and simple which I believe reflects my personality and compliments my style of writing more, also it translates beautifully across all platforms (what more could one ask). My sidebars are now visible, which should make it easier to navigate and find what you are looking for.  Also I now have a streamline continuous scroll too which is perfect for those, like myself that get lost in the moment of others blogs.

Ah! Yes, before I forget the star of the show. After stumbling across this new theme, I had an almost visionary experience (pretty much like Thats So Raven) for my new simplistic logo, which I had created myself on Photoshop CS6.  I believe it gives my minimalistic blog a slight ornate twist. Pretty much ‘Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice’ is it not?



Mimi x




No, it’s not fancy. No. It hasn’t come in place of a free holiday or a brand new car. If you’re waiting for a sign, that things will look up and get better for you. This is it.

This is it, in it’s pure and rawest form. I know it’s not as exciting as walking down the street and stumbling across the winning lottery ticket valued at X amount of money or being handed a brand new puppy (I would love either.. Ha)

Whether it be getting a new haircut, sacking your boss, booking that new holiday, ordering the new LongChamp Tote bag that you’ve had your eye on or in my case conquering my phobia of publicity and being noticed. Don’t prolong your duties. Don’t wait any longer. Exile your excuses, because you are awesome enough, talented enough, beautiful and bold enough to achieve what your dreams. This is what you need in order to achieve greatness that you deserve, a plain and boring sign. So if you was looking for one, THIS is it.

Mimi x

My first shameless promotion

“Without promotion, something terrible happens… Nothing!” –  P.T Barnum

One of my favorite quotes by Barnum, but never has it applied to me as much as it has now.  Creative juices flowing, I decided to stop being selfish with my talents and start getting out there and sharing them. I love creating, experimenting, living, learning and all that good stuff, what better way is there to share your talents than the great WORLD WIDE WEB. I’ve been thinking about creating YouTube videos for a while but was too scared of the possibility of negative reactions from others towards myself, perhaps I was more scared of my own negative thoughts of myself. My phobias of not being adequate enough stopped me from perusing my dreams on many occasions, but NOT TODAY BOO BOOOOO!

My YouTube account is finally LIVE and running (years after conception I must admit) with its first lonely video. A recipe that I had visualized in a dream and had to recreate. Absolutely crazy right? But it is the most genius thing ever. Who would of thought that a snooze would lead to the creation of smooth and luxurious snack/frosting. Yum. Yum. Yum