Sanabazaar gets a new makeover?



Hey everyone, are you liking the new look?  Yes… Err no? Well I most certainly do. Sanabazaar has received a brand new makeover (tadaaa) and it was much needed to be completely honest.  As much as I loved the personality of my old Bushwick theme, it wasn’t really suitable for the style of posts that I write nor was it suitable for mobile usage either. The old theme was a bit clunky, dark and  pretty complicated in terms of viewing which isn’t what I had envisioned when I had first started blogging.

I am extremely pleased with the new layout of this theme, as it is bright and simple which I believe reflects my personality and compliments my style of writing more, also it translates beautifully across all platforms (what more could one ask). My sidebars are now visible, which should make it easier to navigate and find what you are looking for.  Also I now have a streamline continuous scroll too which is perfect for those, like myself that get lost in the moment of others blogs.

Ah! Yes, before I forget the star of the show. After stumbling across this new theme, I had an almost visionary experience (pretty much like Thats So Raven) for my new simplistic logo, which I had created myself on Photoshop CS6.  I believe it gives my minimalistic blog a slight ornate twist. Pretty much ‘Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice’ is it not?



Mimi x



My current favourite: SS14 Scent

I am so sorry about the delay in posts, I have recently acquired a loss in my family and had slightly lost the inspiration to post as regularly as I had done before.

Libertine: noun

  1.  a person who freely indulges in sensual pleasures, without regard to moral restraints.
  2.  a freethinker

20140327-152809.jpg Recently I have been ever so obsessed with The Body Shop’s new white musk scent, I had always loved the smell of The Body Shop’s White Musk range but it was a bit too heavy. Plus… Not to mention it did smell a bit old lol, as much as I loved the strong scent it does remind me of the inside of my hipster Nan’s handbag (her handbag and clothes always smell good).

Due to the heaviness of the pure musk I had never been interested in the original scent for my own personal use, but recently I had acquired  this new white musk scent and haven’t looked back. So I had received this gift set for my birthday last month (March 25th keep it in your calendars ^.^), after spending a little over two weeks trying it I am now more than happy to share it with you all.  I must admit I have actually fallen in love with it, although it isn’t a shock to me as  I have always been a big fan of their products as they use natural ingredients.

This is the White Musk Libertine set, and although I’m not sure if you could purchase this as a ready made gift hamper, but if you ask I guess they would happily do it for you. This is my first time using a Musk from The Body shop as I normally rear towards the fruitier products, soaps and butters such as the Pink Grapefruit, Mango and Passionfruit products, but the Libertine range  is absolutely beautiful. The scent is young, yet sensual and light floral musk with a turkish delight undertone , that is perfect for those who do not like overpowering scents.


unnamed The Eau De Toilette is super durable and would last all day alone, but combined with the lotion it amplifies the scent. What I love about this set the most, not only is it light and very moisturising on the skin but it’s also not greasy either. In terms of the shower products in the set, It came with a pair of exfoliating gloves and a soap-free shower gel. I cannot stress how big of a fan I am when it comes to exfoliating the skin, as it removes all of the dead skin cells which is perfect for soft supple skin.  The soap free shower gel is also perfect for those who have sensitive skin like me, as it is void of the harsh chemicals used to create the lather that we all love, BUT it lathers like any other soapy gel.

In a nutshell I highly recommend this range, and if anyone else has tried it I would love to hear your opinions and views in the comments below.


Mimi xox

DIY Lightbox |Tutorial

Get creative! We have been programmed to do things the fast, easy, costly capitalist way by simply buying the things we need and don’t need. Well, how about taking some time out and having fun and letting those creative juices flow? One way to have fun and save money is to create your own equipment… I mean who needs to buy things when you could make them just as good yourself?


Here I show you how to make an inexpensive and  impressive Lightbox for product photography. Whether you’re a online seller or interested in Macro photography, good lighting is crucial in taking a great clear shot. However being able to properly light an object to highlight it’s true attributes can often be pretty challenging. I know from first hand experience that lighting equipment could be rather expensive. Why spend hundreds of pounds on lighting equipment when all you need is some Sellotape, an empty used box, a ruler, a pencil and a razor blade or scissors. Frugality in it’s greatest form, utilizing household items.

Cost: FREE + creativity

Step 1: Choosing the right box size


First things first, I had used an old Pampers baby wipes box as it was easy accessible (my household goes through many of these boxes). This is a fairly medium sized box, but I would recommend a larger sized box as the size of the box should be appropriate for the size of the objects to be photographed.

Step 2 : Creating the window



Creating a window using your straight edge/ruler would introduce light into the box, so the smaller the window the less light and the larger the window the more light. Remember to cut the windows in relation to the size of your box, I had personally cut my windows an inch into the box to allow the most light coverage.

Step 3: Continuing to create the Lightbox structure


DISCLAIMER : I had forgotten to include a base and  cut windows into all sides of the box, by doing so structure of the Light box becomes very fragile and flimsy. Always remember to leave a side for the base.

Step 4: Covering the windows


(I had strengthened the box using masking tape, as the box was not as strong as I had anticipated)

As I had A LOT of plain white paper in my printer I experimented by using it paper in opposed to muslin cloth. This kept the  tutorial ‘housebound’ for easy access as I had used plain A4 paper for my diffuse. The white paper is excellent enough to reflect light, and penetrable enough to let light in.

I had originally created the light-box with the intentions of using natural daylight only (hence the size and the amount of windows) but any form of lighting can be used. E.g flashbulbs, photo lights, ring flashes or standard desk lamps.

Here are a few test shots showing the results of the light-box created, none of these photos have been manipulated by retouching. The light-box was placed on an open window ledge using natural daylight.

IMG_8341 20140321-225805.jpg

VS Ring flash

IMG_8338 IMG_8339

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Frugality – to be or not to be?

Frugality – also known as thriftiness or good management. The practice of restraint or creativity in the acquisition of goods and services at minimum cost. Often confused with cheapness, frugality is a traditional value, lifestyle or belief system in which individuals practice both restraint in acquiring of the resourceful use of economical goods and services.

Splurge vs Steal – Designer Fashion for less

I have been soo excited for this post, as it’s time to update our spring wardrobes with new accessories. I absolutely adore cute satchel bags, especially vintage ones as not only are they EXTREMELY practical and can spice up any outfit, from boho-chic to city-sassy goddess, but you could fit the whole world in them. If that isn’t enough to fall deeply in love with satchels then I don’t know what is. Did I cease to mention that they are amazingly practical?

Well I have formed a strange attachment/pungent wave of attraction to this particular beauty…. Allow me to introduce you to the Large Sophie Satchel by Michael Kors.


I’ll give you a few more seconds to marvel at it’s beauty….

What struck out to me about this beautiful satchel was it’s gorgeous panelling, with the white, cedar and navy colour block calf leather against the silver zip accents. A modern nautical twist on the beloved satchel. I am a complete FIEND for detailing, seeing this beautiful bag gave me a serious adrenaline rush. If the detailing wasn’t enough, the joint combination of tote handles and an adjustable shoulder strap was enough to make me feel some type of way and extremely hot under the collar. With a spacious cavity, monogram lining and four open pockets, I have never felt like I had needed an item soo much before in my life.
But, at a fairly grande total of £241 ($398 if you’re from the brilliant US of A) I could understand if many would find this a tad out of the price range.

Well for those who would love, but don’t have the means to by this gorgeous Satchel. (It’s okay to admit, I am also a victim of obsessive handbag disorder) or just can’t invest in this lovely piece, worry no longer. After a vigorous search I have found an uncanny alternative….

Introducing, THE STEAL:


In this corner we have the H&M imitation leather bag with two “tote” style handles and an adjustable shoulder strap. One large inner compartment and three smaller inner pockets. Can you tell them apart?

The dark brown/white panelling colour detail makes it almost identical to the deep navy Michael Kors beauty, a worthy contender.
At a mere £19.99 there is no reason why this handbag shouldn’t be inside your wardrobe.

Large Sophie satchel featured available here:

The steal H&M Dark brown/white handbag available in store and online here:

Thank me later.

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Spring skin care

Philosopher Stephen Neale advocates that genres are instances of repetition and difference, or in this case ‘difference in repetition’ aka recognition of familiar elements, with a slight change. In this case the genre represents seasons, the familiarity being styling habits and the difference being improvements. This applies not only to our wardrobes but also to our make up and beauty routines too.

I mean It’s always healthy to switch up a routine right? So it’s time to come out of hibernation and wake up refreshed in time for spring, the days are getting longer, the weather warmer. Out with the old and in with the new, the winter season coming to a quick decline. Now is the perfect time to update your make up bag with fresh and more vibrant colours.

Revising the current events such as LFW, catwalks and other predictions for the Spring season, the soft and dewy natural look is most definitely in.
The washed out and pale skinned, Twilight Vamp-esque look Is not as hot anymore.

Ditch the heavy/full coverage foundations. It’s spring time, what do you still need it for, stop hiding your beautiful skin and let it breathe a little.
Rihanna is the perfect example of soft, luminous almost-dewy like skin. Honestly who doesn’t feel more alive with a bit of a golden glow? Tinted moisturisers and primers would help achieve the gorgeous subtly sun-kissed look, why not fake it until you have it?

Transforming dull and dry skin into luminous soft skin. Let’s face it, the cold and brittle weather hasn’t been good to us the past couple of months, transitioning into the spring requires a slight change in the skin care products. Ideally one would like to book a salicylic acid treatment (which one day I would love to try) … BUT I know a great and affordable substitute.


The Superdrugs facial loofahs paired with your favourite facial cleanser are absolutely amazing at bringing back radiance, by sweeping away the dead skin cells. The loofahs are an absolute STEAL at 1.99 for a pack of three, dampen the loofah in warm water and apply your chosen cleanser to a wet face. Lightly rub the loofah over your face in a upwards circular motion, repeat daily to improve skin texture and uneven pigmentation.



No, it’s not fancy. No. It hasn’t come in place of a free holiday or a brand new car. If you’re waiting for a sign, that things will look up and get better for you. This is it.

This is it, in it’s pure and rawest form. I know it’s not as exciting as walking down the street and stumbling across the winning lottery ticket valued at X amount of money or being handed a brand new puppy (I would love either.. Ha)

Whether it be getting a new haircut, sacking your boss, booking that new holiday, ordering the new LongChamp Tote bag that you’ve had your eye on or in my case conquering my phobia of publicity and being noticed. Don’t prolong your duties. Don’t wait any longer. Exile your excuses, because you are awesome enough, talented enough, beautiful and bold enough to achieve what your dreams. This is what you need in order to achieve greatness that you deserve, a plain and boring sign. So if you was looking for one, THIS is it.

Mimi x