Kate Moss for Topshop 2014

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As of tuesday night Kate Moss had officially stopped the streets of London and marked her long awaited return to Topshop  as a designer after 4 years. And I am extremely  happy to tell you all that I attended… Jealous yet? The gorgeous model unveiled her modish collection at Topshop’s Oxford Street Flagship store and I must admit I was slightly star struck, for 40 years old she really didn’t look a day over 28 and she shows absolutely no sign of giving up the supermodel life. Who blames her, she looks absolutely amazing.

The pavements of Oxford Street were absolutely flooded by what seemed like thousands of excited people waiting to get their hands on Kate Moss’s latest collection.

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(I apologise for the terrible picture as my camera battery had died)

I must admit the whole experience on a whole was pretty lovely, Kate had came out and gracefully opened the collection which was followed by live house music by various UK recording artists. Embodies the vibe of Topshop, does it not?


Here are a few of my favourites from the current season, as unfortunately I couldn’t pick them all.. 



Congratulations Ms. Moss on the success of the brand launch and the deal with Net-A-Porter. Bringing The HighStreet to Designer est 2014.



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Splurge vs Steal – Designer Fashion for less

I have been soo excited for this post, as it’s time to update our spring wardrobes with new accessories. I absolutely adore cute satchel bags, especially vintage ones as not only are they EXTREMELY practical and can spice up any outfit, from boho-chic to city-sassy goddess, but you could fit the whole world in them. If that isn’t enough to fall deeply in love with satchels then I don’t know what is. Did I cease to mention that they are amazingly practical?

Well I have formed a strange attachment/pungent wave of attraction to this particular beauty…. Allow me to introduce you to the Large Sophie Satchel by Michael Kors.


I’ll give you a few more seconds to marvel at it’s beauty….

What struck out to me about this beautiful satchel was it’s gorgeous panelling, with the white, cedar and navy colour block calf leather against the silver zip accents. A modern nautical twist on the beloved satchel. I am a complete FIEND for detailing, seeing this beautiful bag gave me a serious adrenaline rush. If the detailing wasn’t enough, the joint combination of tote handles and an adjustable shoulder strap was enough to make me feel some type of way and extremely hot under the collar. With a spacious cavity, monogram lining and four open pockets, I have never felt like I had needed an item soo much before in my life.
But, at a fairly grande total of £241 ($398 if you’re from the brilliant US of A) I could understand if many would find this a tad out of the price range.

Well for those who would love, but don’t have the means to by this gorgeous Satchel. (It’s okay to admit, I am also a victim of obsessive handbag disorder) or just can’t invest in this lovely piece, worry no longer. After a vigorous search I have found an uncanny alternative….

Introducing, THE STEAL:


In this corner we have the H&M imitation leather bag with two “tote” style handles and an adjustable shoulder strap. One large inner compartment and three smaller inner pockets. Can you tell them apart?

The dark brown/white panelling colour detail makes it almost identical to the deep navy Michael Kors beauty, a worthy contender.
At a mere £19.99 there is no reason why this handbag shouldn’t be inside your wardrobe.

Large Sophie satchel featured available here:

The steal H&M Dark brown/white handbag available in store and online here: http://m.hm.com/gb/product/15397?article=15397-B

Thank me later.

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Coconut: The Curly queens saviour?


Long hair, we must admit is something that we all desire. No matter what ethnicity, race or background, long and healthy hair is a trait that’s is highly admired in almost every culture. You would be happy to know that I have conquered the “battle” to long waist length healthy hair and would like to share one of my best kept secrets……….Pure coconut products. (Please kindly excuse the watermark on the mirror)

Yes you have read correctly, the delicious coconut palm drupe can be used for more than just a Piña Colada, quenching your thirst with it’s amazing water and it’s generous pulp for a healthy snack. It is actually proven that Coconut Oil and Coconut Milk, used externally will also improve the health of your hair, leading to less shedding + less breakage = (over time) more length.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to our biology and chemistry classes and figure out why (I promise I won’t bore you for too long). As you know, the human body is a miraculous vessel, made up of water and a series of different proteins, that self heals, often lubricates and moisturises daily. Hair and nails is another protein created by the body, the hair strands and nails (above the nail bed) is actually made up of dead keratin. – Bet you didn’t know that huh! –

The scalp excretes it’s own form of “natural moisturiser” if you may call it, known as sebum, it’s main function being to lubricate the skin and prohibit bacteria from entering the body. Sebum is made up of vital fatty acids, natural glycerides and cholesterol which acts as a protective barrier for the scalp, skin and hair against bacteria and other drying factors and prevent internal moisture loss – which in terms of your hair’s state could lead to breakage.
Now for us Curly Girls and/or Guys (no discrimination for good hair care) as blessed as we are with having thick, curly/coily and textured hair unlike the other equally gorgeous people with straighter strands, the sebum produced by the scalp finds it harder to travel directly down the hair shaft, which is why we often experience frizz and “dry” feeling hair and/or oily scalps.

In relation to the amazing super nuts, the unrefined coconut oil, found in the pure coconut flesh and milk (made from cooking the flesh and the milk together and straining) is very versatile. The low molecular weight oil contains saturated fatty acids, cholestorol and vitamin E which makes it one of the only oils to fully penetrate and not sit on the hair shaft. An awesome contender to the hairs natural Sebum.

Over the past few months I have incorporated Coconut deep conditioning into my hair regime and have noticed a great difference after the first use. Although, I have always had long and fast growing hair no matter how much I cut it, Coconut has dramatically improved the health of my hair along with the extra pillow soft touch and definition. No matter the hair type, or how fast your hair grows; the use of coconut externally would keep your hair extremely moisturised and full with nutrition which would combat breakage and see greater retention of length.

Ladies and Gentlemen, would you like to humour me with a round of applause?

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